Here at Turquoise Tuesday, we specialise in the most badass, GENUINE, handcrafted Turquoise + 925 sterling silver jewelry the World Wide Web can offer! 

Beyond slingin’ the best Turquoise jewels in town, we’re here to please and delight the boots off you!

You have other best friends, but you never had a more enthusiastic supporter than us, nor one loaded with a jewelry loot quite likethissss!

In a nutshell :If we don’t make you feel special, and your jewels don’t make you feel and look mighty fiiiiiine- then we ain't doing our thang right!!

How long have we been around for?

Turquoise Tuesday officially went live on July 12th, 2018 as a humble instagram page with big dreams and mightyfiiiineintentions!It started off as 3 different concepts before it eventually became what it is today, the first one being scrapped just hours before launch!

Within a few months of hosting weekly sales (every Tuesday,naturally), we had found our people, and our people had found us, and ever since then we’ve been dishing out the Turquoise jewels and smiles on the daily.

Who are the humans behind this thang? 

The most important humans behind Turquoise Tuesday are unquestionably the artists who make all the pieces you see here at TT! All our jewels come specially handcrafted by Dine’(Navajo)or Zuni artists, usually from within the heartland of New Mexico where the beauty of the Turquoise is surpassed only by the talent of those who work with it.It is humbling to work with such incredible people, and through these pieces we hope to preserve this beautiful artform, bringing together the makers and curators of this magnificent stone. 

Behind the screen, our vibrant team is made up of a small bunch of humans who’s love of Turquoise started way back in the womb for most, and who’s years combined bring together centuries of Turquoise lovin’, aswell as several decades in the jewelry business. Together, we handle everything from marketing to customer service, to shipping and packaging, and you bet we're having a ball doing it!

Why the name Turquoise Tuesday?

Well thats easy... 'cause Turquoise Everyday just didn't have the same ring to it!