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First, a little history:
This baby is called a Ketoh {pronounces Gato} a Bow guard that has been used as far back as the late 1800’s by Native Americans.

The early Navajo were nomadic hunters, well known for their archery skills in both protection and hunting! Ketoh’s were originally made from thick leather to protect the forearm from the snap of the bow string and later became more decorative with added stones and thick plates of wrought metal.

Both decorative and functional, these babies are laced with history, and the craftsmanship on these guys in particular is truly exceptional!
Now, onto the details...
Insane Navajo Bow Guard cuffs handmade with quality leather, full sterling silver metalwork, and genuine vibrant Kingman Turquoise stones.
Huge, chunky size with tie-up back.
The craftsmanship that goes into a piece like this is just inspiring, and WOW, beyond impressive!! 
When you're not wearing this baby, make sure it's displayed somewhere... this isn't just jewelry, this is a piece of ART!!! 
This is a men's cuff BUT if you'd like us to resize to ladies, please make sure to leave us a note at checkout with your wrist measurement and allow us an extra week to remake to size!  





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